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Construction Management

Construction Management

Project owners place a huge responsibility for overall project success in the hands of the construction manager and in the construction management contract. The criticality of construction management is often overlooked by project owners/developers, as it is a relatively small agreement in terms of dollars and complexity when compared to the construction contracts. The construction manager, and contract, becomes the eyes and ears of the project owners during the most critical phase of a project.

A final complexity of the construction management agreement has to do with the details of how it relates to the actual construction contracts and the project owners/developers. Both the construction management contract and the construction contracts MUST have language in them that forms the basis of the relationship between the three critical partners in success; the project owners, the construction manager, and the constructors. TRA can work closely with you to insure that your construction management contracts, and managers, are an integral part of your project’s successful construction.

  1. In the early phases of project development TRA can work with your
    law firm to insure that the most productive language is included in all
    of the construction contracts and in the construction management
    contract. Language that insures the construction manger delivers your
    definition of project success, and has the most productive relationship
    and authority with all of the construction contractors.

  2. If your contracts have already been signed or construction is under
    way TRA can audit the effectiveness of the agreements, project
    timeliness and cost and recommend a more productive structure.
    TRA’s audit would include a system view of the project and
    recommend changes to systems that will help improve
    communications and project effectiveness.

  3. TRA also has access to some very experienced and successfully
    project managers and can provide a manger who works on your
    behalf with no conflict of interest.

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