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Six Sigma and Lean
Six Sigma

Most of us are aware of Six Sigma and its use at very large corporations like
GE, Amazon, and Intel. There are stories of both successes and failures at companies of all sizes and in many business fields. Despite the stories, Six
Sigma can be an invaluable tool, when used as properly, to analyze and
correct defects and to design processes.
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Construction Management

Once all the construction contracts are signed and the groundbreaking ceremony has occurred, it is task of the construction manager to insure that the project is delivered on time and on budget. Construction Management is more often than not contracted by the project developers, it therefore becomes key to project success that the developer, construction manager, and construction management contract are very tightly.
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Manufacturers are faced with local, national and ever increasing international competition. Now, more than ever, it is vital that manufacturing be cost competitive, have world class lead times, and meet very high standards of quality.
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Power Plant Operation
and Maintenance

During the commercial operation phase of a power plant, how it is operated and how it is maintained will have a significant impact on both revenues and costs. Establishing strict operating protocols and maintenance procedures is vital to a power plant’s long-term profitability.
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