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President & CEO of Trinity River Associates, Inc. - James Robertson

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Jim Robertson is President & CEO of Trinity River Associates (TRA), home of The Alternative Board in The Woodlands, Texas. Jim has 36 years of business experience, 27 of which were in leadership positions. TRA provides consulting services in three key areas; to the electrical power generation industry, to manufacturers, and in the area of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma quality and process improvement. Mr. Robertson spent 27 years with General Electric in executive, business leadership, positions and is a graduate of Cal Poly with a degree in engineering, obtaining his MBA mid-career.

quote Jim and I worked together in the GE Energy Business early on in my career. I was assigned as his Human Resources Business Partner for a group of Energy Services businesses. We traveled around the world together working on operational and organizational issues that spanned the globe. Issues were complex, business requirements were challenging and Jim always rose to the occassion. He was a definitive, compassionate and skilled leader. He supported his team through difficult times and pushed his people to be better. Jim also has a nice balance of humor, intellect, and general compassion. He was a pleasure to work with and support. Everytime we got involved in an issue, I knew Jim would stay right there with the team until resolution was reached. In my view, Jim would be an excellent member of a leadership team, or a valuable resource for executive decision making as a consultant. quote

David Fusco
Vice President Human Resources at PAREXEL

Hiring a consultant is a big decision; it is costly and will have a significant impact on how quickly you can improve your operations. In each of the key areas that Trinity River Associates provides consulting services, here are the highlights of Jim Robertson’s career and why he is qualified to help you;

Operation and Maintenance:

  • General Electric Gas and Steam Turbine – Generator Field Engineer and graduate of GE’s Field Engineering Development program.

  • Plant Engineer at Apache Power Plant in Wilcox, Arizona this plant operated simple and combined cycle gas turbines and coal fired units.

  • Original member of the GE Operations and Maintenance business team, power plant manager are Modesto Energy, TBG Cogen, and Ocean State Power.

  • Started the GE Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) business, sold the first LTSA contract and later merged the LTSA business in to the O&M business and was sales leader of the combination.

  • General Manger of GE’s global Aeroderivative service business that included all parts, field service and shop service activities.

  • General Manager of GE’s global heavy duty and industrial service shop network comprised of 64 shops. This business also produced $230MM of manufactured goods for the power generation industry.

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma:

  • Certified Quality Leader GE.

  • Certified Master Black Belt GE.

  • Taught the following GE courses: Six-Sigma, Lean Six-Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Demand Flow Technology, and Change Acceleration Process.

  • Was the Quality Leader for GE Energy Services, the $8B services arm of GE Energy. In this role I had 18 MBB reporting to me, over 200 BB, and over 8,000 Green belts in the business.


  • As noted above, I was General Manager of GE’s global Aeroderivative service shops and GE’s global network of heavy duty and industrial shops. In addition to repairs of all GE industrial and power generation equipment we manufactured and array of components for our power generation customers including, gas
    turbine blades and nozzles, steam turbine blades and nozzles, bolting and hardware, generator stator bars and coils, specialty components for gas and steam turbines, and transformers. In all, the global shop network manufactured approximately $230MM worth of new components and performed approximately $800MM of repairs.

  • I have taught Lean Six Sigma, Demand Flow Technology, and Design for Six Sigma.

  • I have provided consulting services to Fortune 50 companies in regards to their manufacturing processes.

  • I have experience with 8 different MRP systems and have been involved in the implementation of 2 systems.

Construction Management:

  • Graduate of GE’s Field Engineering Development Center.

  • Field Engineer on numerous construction projects.

  • General Manager of GE Energy’s Conversions – Modifications and Uprate business. This business performed turbine-generator and plant uprates on a turn-key basis. Items critical to the success of this business were; schedule, cost, EHS, and performance.

  • Have consulted to power project developers on construction.
    management contracting, solicited CM bids, negotiated the contracts,
    and selected the successful bidder.

  • I have experience with multiple project management systems and have been involved in the implementation of 3 systems.

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