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With the emergence of the ‘global market place’ most manufactured goods no longer compete on a regional or even national basis, they compete on a global basis. Competition in the form of price, quality, lead time, and standards compliance determines who is successful and who isn’t in the global manufacturing arena. Added to the complexity of competing in a globally is the general over-capacity of manufacturing created back in 2008/2009.

If you find your manufacturing operation as anything less than world class TRA can help you analyze and improve your business in a number of key areas.

  1. Trinity River Associates can perform an audit of your manufacturing
    process, including your sales effort and the hand-off of a job from
    sales to engineering to manufacturing. TRA can analyze where your
    process is failing to deliver to your ‘as sold’ timeline, quality, and
    cost. With a root cause analysis TRA can work with you to identify
    areas of improvement whether it is in an existing process or system, or
    is an area that requires new systems or procedures.

  2. TRA can analyze your process and apply Demand Flow process
    improvements to your cycle time and your cost to manufacture.
    Demand Flow analysis and process improvement will also have a
    beneficial effect on your inventory levels.

  3. Your ‘Order to Remittance’ process can also be analyzed to
    understand if manufacturing issues are being introduced during the
    sales and estimating cycle, or during hand-offs, between sales and
    application engineering, application engineering to manufacturing
    engineering, or between manufacturing engineering and
    manufacturing. Many times problems that are identified as a
    manufacturing issue are actually accumulated errors of previous
    processes and hand-offs. TRA can identify the source of errors in your
    Order to Remittance cycle and help you improve your productivity
    and bottom line.

  4. As a business grows there is always a point where a make versus buy
    decision must be made. This decision may be based on using more of
    your shop’s capacity by adding shifts, or it may require that you buy
    new machine tools to meet the demand. TRA can help you with make
    versus buy decisions using economic models that will highlight the
    trade-offs and advantages of the choices.

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