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  Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

  Power Plant Operation and Maintenance
The operation and maintenance of a power plant can be broken down in to three broad categories: the day to day operation of the power plant, the day to day routine maintenance of the plant equipment, and the major maintenance/overhaul (usually requiring equipment shutdown) of the plant equipment.

Whether the plant owner self-performs, or contracts, the O&M and major maintenance, it is vital that these services be conducted in a manner that insures the plant meets its output, reliability, and efficiency targets. And, of course, the O&M and major maintenance has to be performed within a project budget that insures the rate of return built in to the plant proforma. And, lets not forget the regulatory side of O&M; OSHA standards, emission standards, NFPA standards, NEC and NESC standards, and state boiler and pressure vessel standards just to name a few! If you are having issues on the operations, maintenance, or regulatory side of the O&M equation, Trinity River Associates (TRA) can help you in a number
of important ways.

  1. We can perform and ‘end to end’ audit of your operations and
    maintenance activities including a root cause analysis (RCA) of the
    issues uncovered.

  2. For the issues identified in the RCA, a thorough review of existing
    procedures can be completed and changes recommended. Or where
    new procedures are needed, those procedures can be provided by TRA
    for approval by the plant.

  3. An audit of regulatory compliance issues can also be preformed to
    identify any gaps, in the plant procedures, with the requirements of
    state and federal standards. As with the O&M procedures TRA can
    recommend changes to existing procedures or provide compliant
    procedures for approval of the plant.

  4. If the project is contracting the O&M or major maintenance and it is
    not preforming to your standards, TRA can audit your service
    providers for compliance with the plant procedures and for
    compliance with the contracts that the services are provided under.
    TRA can look for a number of contract issues; are the contractor
    incentives aligned with the project incentives, is the contractor
    performing in strict accordance with the agreement, and is the
    agreement providing the services in an economic manner? Where
    opportunities for improvement are found TRA will work closely with
    you to insure the contractor operates in strict compliance with the
    plant procedures and their contract requirements.

  5. If you are contracting your plant services and the contracts are up for
    renewal, TRA can help you benchmark the best in class contract
    structure and costs, and help rewrite and renegotiate your agreements.
    As a project owner you should expect your service providers to show
    year over year productivity and when the contract renewal comes due,
    you should share in that productivity!

  6. If you are considering contracting any of your plant services as part of
    a new project or contracting for the first time at an existing plant,
    TRA can work with your law firm to provide you with the most cost
    effective contract structure that is tied to your project proforma and to
    your expectations. It is vital to the long term success of your project
    the technical and legal aspects of your contracts precisely match the
    long term project goals and financials.


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